Ocean Park HK

  On my last day in Hong Kong (I had to come home a day earlier to attend a work event), Fonzi, Myx, Francis and I went to Ocean Park to enjoy a looong and hot day mostly eating and riding the extremes. It was such a hot day, my face got sun burnt so [...]


The Henry, Cebu

So, remember when I told you we'd be going on a trip down the 2015 memory lane? Well here comes the first one. On that unplanned-til-the-week-before trip my friends and I made to Cebu, we decided that we wanted to stay somewhere fancy on the night before leaving. We chose to book that night at [...]

Chill Pill

Working  is almost always synonymous to stress. This is a fact of life. This is also why every now and then, an employee must take quick getaways and vacations; partly to relieve the body of stress, but mostly to restore the 'work tank'. And this is exactly what we did this weekend -- we packed our [...]

Iloilo in Two

Exactly a week ago, my work buddy Sarah and I flew to Iloilo for a short vacation. The last time I was there was 15 years ago, so it was like a new place to visit for me. Since we only had two days there, we just managed to squeeze in a few spots, a [...]

Palawan Fun

For our fifth anniversary, Fonzi and I decided to go somewhere out of the ordinary. I've always wanted to see Puerto Princesa so when the opportunity came through a seat sale last year, we jumped at it. It was a short but sweet trip, we arrived Tuesday morning and went home Thursday morning as well. [...]